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and said that what happened under rebekah brooks' leadership." she was editor of the "news of the world," at the time some of the hacking. she was apparently away at the time. murdoch's enemies have long claimed that whoever is in power is the real puppet master. tonight, he, they, no one knows how this will end. >> joining me now from london is the deputy prime minister went tony blair was in power. 45 of his mobile phone messages were hacked into. this is a very sorry tale. it goes back to 2006 when your own messages were broken into. how evasive was that? >> the police kept in mind that that was so. i had to go to the court and force them to commit and setup a new inquiry. that is finding all of disinformation. the information was available before. why didn't the police act on it instead of the nine that my phone messages had been broken into? now we are learning the appalling situation of the phone's not only having messages on them, the girl found that not only were they wiped off, they were wiped off by the news of the world to add more information so they could get more stories s
. ¿que quieres hacer cuando vayas al espacio? sasha napolov: ir a marte. brooke: marte. avery dalfrey: voy a ser la primera mujer en marte. brooke: ¡muy bien! yo creo que un día viviremos en otros planetas. brooke: ¿en serio? avery dalfrey: sí, definitivamente. brooke: ¿cómo vamos a respirar? avery dalfrey: pues habrá generadores de oxígeno aunque suene exagerado, estos chicos van en direccio Ón correcta. barnhart dice que ya esta n planeando la siguiente fase del campamento, para incluir hÁbitats espacialescon estructuras inflables. temporada de vacaciones y las visitas a las piscinas por esto que monicnavarro nos ofrece algunas recomendaci ones muy improtantes para no lamentar una desgracia... buenas tardes, se viene otra fecha de copa america, argentina se medira a la clasi, tenemos la previa del partido. de ambas selecciones las expectativas están eh en ante, nosotros porque estamos defendiendo la primera posición en el grupo después argent
of the empire is rebecca brooks, editor at the time of the alleged hacking. company executives say that she was away at the time. this began with the imprisonment for years ago of editor clive goodman. >> i made a statement yesterday. with judicial restraints, i can make no more at the moment. >> it is his reams of notes of private phone numbers that have fueled this saga, that and the mounting anger of mps who alleged the police simply did not want to investigate what he had done. rupert murdoch issued a statement describing what had happened as deplorable and unacceptable, stating the company must fully cooperate with the police, and adding that would happen under rebecca brooks's leadership. murdoch's enemies have long claimed that whoever is in power, he is the puppet master. tonight, no one knows how this extraordinary drama will and. nick robinson, bbc news, westminster. >> for more on this extraordinary drama, i spoke to a bbc reporter in london. i asked about bribes to london police officers. >> it seems every hour a new revelation has come about. we have even been told to be braced
's friend, rebecca brooks. she's the chief executive of news international in the u.k. she was also the editor of the news of the world when milly went missing. she, like other former executives at the paper, has always said she didn't know about the actions of a few rogue reporters. news international argues she's as shocked as everyone else that the latest twist in the scandal. but also making it plain she doesn't intend to resign. >> i think she's been very clear today that that's absolutely what she won't do. this happened back in 2002. she's now chief executive of a company in 2011, she's absolutely determined to get to the bottom of this issue. >> but the political heat has been turned up on rupert murdoch's news empire. the house of commons will debate the latest allegations on wednesday. opposition politicians say they want a full inquiry set up. they also think rebecca brooks should go. >> it wasn't a rogue reporter. it wasn't just one individual. this is a systematic series of things that happened, and what i want from executives at news international is for people to star
pressure on the prime minister's friend rebecca brooks. she is the chief executive of news international. she was also the editor of the news of the world when the girl went missing. she, like other former executives at the paper, had said that she did not know about the actions of a few reporters. news international argues she is shocked as everyone else. but they are also making the claims she does not intend to resign. >> she has been clear today that that is what she will not do. this happened in 2002. she is chief executive of a company in 2011. she is absolutely determined to get to the bottom of this issue. >> the political heat has been turned up on the murdoch's news empire. the house of commons will debate the latest allegations on wednesday. opposition politicians say they want a full inquiry. they think rebecca brooks should go. >> it was not a rogue reporter. it was not one individual. this is a systematic series of things that happened. what i want from equities -- executives is people to start taking responsibility. >> it is not just news international which is difficult q
that -- >> president obama continuing with his twitter town hall. hi, everyone, i'm e.d. hill in for brooke baldwin today. it's a very busy wednesday. we get straight to some of the stories unfolding right now. accused boston crime boss whitey bulger formally arraigned minutes ago. accused of 19 murders. his plea, not guilty. >>>and a shocking new warning today from homeland security. would-be terrorists surgically implanting bombs into their bodies to smuggle them on to planes. >>>and the president holding a first ever twitter town hall. >>> but we begin with this. celebrities, murder and terror victims, many of their phones hijacked. it is going to show you that some journalists will do anything to get a scoop on a story. british hackers from the news of the world newspaper allegedly hacked into cell phone voice mails, including that of murdered british teen, milly doweler. police say the hackers deleted some of doweler's messages. if so, they may have interfered with a murder investigation. news of the world is part of the rupert murdoch media empire. several employees have already been intervie
and beltway bell weather david brooks, writing in the "new york times," brooks said avoiding a debt default is the mother of all no-brainers for the gop. the struggles of the next few weeks are about what sort of party the gop is, a normal conservative party or an odd protest movement that separated itself from the habits of our nation. if reasonable republicans don't take control, independents will conclude the republican fanaticism caused this default and conclude republicans are not fit to govern, and they'll be right. it appears we don't need a few weeks to see which way the gop will tilt. we had a good sense of it this afternoon. here's john cornan on. >> the president is not listening to the same people i'm listening to, my constituents. it seems disingenuous to say we're going to cut spending but also going to raise taxes. we're not for raising taxes through the front door or through the back door. i would say it's premature to declare who's being reasonable and not. >> here's house budget paul ryan on a conservative radio show. >> if you take a deal like this, you're requiring tax r
afford. now if republicans don't buy that, as david brooks said nothing in the new york times, they are idiots. they don't know how to govern. they won. they ought to take this deal. >> mr. brooks, conservative columnists, is saying come on. you are marginalizing yourself. can't even you even hear from your own people that ideal logically agreed with the republican line. >> well, look, reverend sharpton, you showed some polls a minute ago that showed 70 or 8 30ers don't agree with republican owns this or that or the other thing. if the republicans are standing up for their convictions and beliefs against the tide of public opinion, it may be political courage an political decision. i don't agree that brooks is a great conservative, al. i think i'm known as a conservative. but let me talk about bill's points. you mentioned yourself, al, let's go back to bush rates. you are talking about raising taxes. we don't believe when the economy, when guys are out of work, 16% of our labor force is underemployed or unemployed, do you hammer the private economy. one more point. you mention
to declare victory and say yes. >> well, take a look at david brooks' column today in "the new york times." that is one of the most brilliant columns called a no-brain no-brainer. >> you preferred to david brooks' column in today's "new york times." david brooks by all accounts a conservative. i'm with you. a spectacular column. i want to quote the last passage to you. i happen to have it right here in front of me. how about that? it says if responsible republicans don't take control, independents will conclude that republican fanaticism caused this default. they will conclude that republicans are not fit to govern and they will be right. do you agree with david brooks and that conclusion? >> oh, i do. i was with him here recently at the aspen festival. bright guy, thoughtful person. but, you know, really, i know these wonderful republican colleagues and democratic colleagues. houn how could they ever get to a point where some guy is pulling out a sheet of paper that they signed when everything was roses in america and now we're headed for the bow wows and he's standing throughout shrill
's news international. its editor rebecca brooks runs international operations and refused to resign. the news of the world says it will conduct its own internal inquiring into the hacking but rebecca brooks will head the investigation, in other words, investigating herself. the police inquiry is continuing as well, and scotland yard said there be more bombshell revelations to come. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> we'll stay on top of that story for you. >>> straight ahead your wednesday morning weather and in sports the mets shows sparkling defense at dodger's stadium and some power, too. you know what this is, cartwright? yes. nicorette mini. you carry them around everywhere. yes i do, because cravings are everywhere. would you take a craving for me, cartwright? how would i -- exactly. [ male announcer ] nicorette mini goes wherever you go, to help make quitting suck less. [ male announcer ] nicorette mini goes wherever you go, meet beth, nursery school teacher. lights, camera, activia it's the best job in the world. my students are amazing. but to be there for them, you've got
international." its editor at the time, rebecca brooks, now runs his u.k. operations and has refused to resign. she's also a close friend and supporter of prime minister david cameron who condemned the intrusion. the "news of the world" says it will conduct its own internal inquiry into the hacking but rebecca brooks will head the investigation. in other words, she'll be investigating herself. the police inquiry is continuing as well and scotland yard says there are more bombshell revelations to come. >> pelley: mark, do we know who started this hacking to begin with? >> it was a private investigator who was working for the "news of the world." he appears to have developed the system for hacking into the accounts but then various reporters-- many of them-- this was a long standing practice appeared to have done the reporting and the ferreting out of information that's appeared in the papers. >> pelley: thank you, mark. this story is amazing. a court case in southern india has led to an astounding discovery. a spectacular treasure inside a 500-year-old hindu temple. a local activist has accused
and s&p need work. it's early. kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks will join us shortly with an update coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, a "haboob" ("huh-boob") that blew across arizona. it was a huge dust storm... about fifty >>> a huge dust storm just blew through phoenix about 50 miles wide in fact. the wind was blowing at more than 60 miles an hour. the visibility was so bad, the faa stopped flights from heading into phoenix and out of phoenix for a while yesterday. you can't see much of anything there, lawrence. but much better news up in our neck of the woods i guess. >> yeah. that's something else. we have a fog bank out there right now. over the bay right now, we have mostly sunny skies although you see some of that fog in the distance. a sign of the sea breeze kicking in and that means we're going to see some cooler temperatures over the next couple of days. patchy fog getting dense at the coastline. watch out for that. it's right near the surface at the coast. out at the beaches today you will see 60s for highs here. you get inside the bay 60s and 70s a bit of a sea breeze wi
taxes with 9.1% unemployment. >> woodruff: columnist david brooks in the "new york times" today criticized what i said was the anti-tax faction in the republican party and said it does not accept the logic of compromise. he said this is a movement with no sense of moral decency because it's prepared for the united states to ignore the debt limit. >> well, mr. brooks apparently is not listening to the people that i'm hearing from in my state and across the country. look, this deal is is not over yet. we still have some time. thankfully between now and august 2 to reach some sort of negotiated outcome. but what i think david brooks underestimates is what it's going to take to pass this. not only through the house but also through the senate. it's going to require 60 votes in the senate. so it will take more than the president having a press conference or having a meeting. we need to come up with a package that can actually pass both branches of the congress between now and august 2. and i just frankly don't think tax increases particularly during a weak economic recovery, are like
as the communications secretary. and rebecca brooks, now the chief executive of news international, they have both said all along that it was just of the actions of a few rogue reporters. that has been unraveling for months. but especially in the last few days. they do not think that it is tenable any more for them to say that. which is why the opposition was linking that to david cameron said judgment in being friends with them. >> we heard that there was an exchange of the males between the police and news international -- exchange of e- mail between the police and news international. >> there is suspicion that police officers were being paid to get information on particular investigations. this exchange took place over the last day or so. we just had an exchange from the police chief saying that these documents included information related to alleged inappropriate payments to a small number of police officers and he is vowing to get to the bottom of that with a new inquiry. >> thank you very much for the update. time to take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today
. >> at the center of the controversy is rebecca brooks who headed up the tabloid newspaper for years. she's now in charge of murdock's british news corporation. the paper is already taking a hit. several companies have pulled their ads. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >>> police have already begun to look into evidence the newspaper paid off officers in return for information. >>> anny hong is in for howard bernstein. she's up with the forecast next. >> hey, andrea. we've got some light rain and some -- a couple of thunderstorms going through the area. first, here is a look at your allergy report. the pollens are low but the mold still medium. i'll let you know how long the summer-like pattern sticks around. >>> rising waters are complicatingerts to clean up an oil spill in the yellowstone river. federal officials say it took exxon mobil nearly twice as long to seal the pipeline as they publicly reported. teps of gallons of crude oil that seeped into the water way in montana. exxon mobil is promising to do whatever is necessary to clean up the mess. >>> the crowds have come back to ocean cit
williams wants his engagement ring back. the dallas cowboys wide river filed a lawsuit against brooke daniels, the former miss texas usa. williams said he proposed to her in february and she turned him down and kept the nearly $80,000 engagement ring and daniels claims she lost it. an insurance investigation revealed her father had the now said that he will return it.  >> good evening, i'm dave feldman. the caps signed the winger troy brown to a 2-year, $2.35 million deal. he was acquired on draft day -- draft day from the blackhawks in exchange for the first-round pick and is the last insigned cap. one of the -- jeff halpern, the potomac, maryland, native played seven seasons with washington and the sixth season. after citizens with the stars, lightnings, kings and canadiens, the 35-year-old is back with his hometown team signing a one-year deal. >> i know i enjoyed playing here before, i think i'm starting to appreciate it more now and being closer to my dad and family and having them get a chance to come to the games and practices. and to be a part of th
of politics? that is the question. david brooks, a conservative -- i repeat, conservative columnist for the new "new york times," hs hired for that reason, that usually liberal editorial page, they wanted someone who wrote well and was a certified conservative. david brooks is who they chose. david brooks believes that, it's obviously turned into the ideological paerl that walks -- party that walks away from compromise for the sake of politics. this is what he said yesterday about the logical and ideological republican party that has emerged. here's what he said -- and i quote -- "if the debt ceiling talks fail, independent voters will see the democrats are willing to compromise, but republicans were not. if we default, he said, it will be the fault of republican fanatacism." that fanatacism is making compromise impossible, no matter how much democrats are willing to give. independent voters, brooks says -- and i quote -- "will conclude that republicans are not fit to govern, and they will be right." end of quote. david brooks, conservative columnist, said this. the republican party
to be reached. right now it looks like we're in a game of the brinks manningship. >> this week david brooks which i'm sure you're familiar with this article in "the new york times" saying quote, if responsible republicans don't take control independents will conclude that republican fanaticism caused the default. they will conclude that republicans are not fit to govern and they will be right, end quote. so are republicans giving too much weight to the tea party caucus right now? what do you think? >> i don't think so. if you paid attention, i know you did and jamal did to the elections last year, we saw a lot of democrats campaigning not to raise taxes in a time of recession. that that would be a jobs killer. an economic mess for us. and we want to listen to those democrats who push that in november, certainly a lot of republicans did as well or republican leadership pushes that. that's good and proper. we want to remember that the bush tax cuts as they're called really have become democrat tax cuts. they were signed into law and passed by a democrat house and senate. >> as we look at this
people have been writing about this. david brooks in "the new york times" had an interesting story saying this is the mother of all no brainers, that republicans could be squandering an opportunity. another sees it as an error by the president. where it goes from here, we don't know. we know the great eight, as we are now dubbing them, because we have to have nicknames in washington for these people, but the leaders from the house and senate republicans and democrats meeting with the president. a quick statement from mitch mcconnell, the minority leader. these are not about rich or poor in an election but they're about making washington take the hit and make tough choices for a change. not the taxpayers and job creators. very firm on their position. no new taxes and democrats and the president says with we need to have new revenues. so that's where the problem is right now. >> and brooks' comment along with other republicans is that in exchange for increasing a few hundred million dollars in taxes, they could be getting trillions of dollars in cuts. the president is going to be hearing fr
, and that is to their running interference for. host: david brooks had a column on monday in "the new york times." he said this -- reareferring to the tax subsidis for corporate jet owners and other tax loopholes being closed. do you agree? caller: yes. guest: i think brooks is oversimplifying there, only because we have had this promise on the table before. we had in 1982 and 1983 and 1990 under a republican president. we have it with the commission's plan. if we're going to work out something involving revenues, we have to see spending cuts taking effect, and has to be in the context of reforming the system, otherwise we will get higher taxes and never get the spending reductions. republicans again have not handled this issue all that well, especially with long-term reforms like the balanced budget amendment, which the leader some -- leadership seemed prepared to through in the tatrash can on the vote. i think it also symbolizes the balance we want to restore to fiscal policy, because the gop had lost its way during the bush era, especially on spending, and continues to stumble on the issues that people
footnotes. how can we tell where you got all your facts. so when i wrote "brook -- when i wrote "broke," i think there are 50 pages. a whole section. nobody has ever reviewed the book. i challenged students to take the book in because they said the same thing, the professors say oh, that's ridiculous. give it to them. i have signed books for the professor. find the errors. we'll correct them. find them. they can't. those people are cowards. anybody who ever shouts you down is a coward. show us where you're wrong. defend your position. they don't want to. because they can't. you can best them if you just do your open homework. who else is -- let me go with brian. then who is the one that was spat on? we'll come to you. brian? >> one time in a political class a year ago it was brought up, a student brought up how people are silly about president obama being a communist. it posed the question, as you have done very well on this program, for a couple years now, well, is it crazy to ask the question? president obama has many communist friends and people who call themselves communists. how am i
.e.o. rebekkah brooks in her job, despite calls for her resignation. >> tom: it took almost two decades, but the u.s. and mexico have finally signed a deal to let each other's trucks have unlimited access to each other's highways. this provision was originally part of the nafta agreement, signed back in 1994, but both countries argued for years over safety and financial issues. and there's still opposition. the teamsters union says the deal is probably illegal and opens the border to dangerous trucks. >> susie: in the "money file," making your good credit score work harder for you. here's donna rosato, senior writer at "money magazine." >> got a good credit score? you do if you've got a score of 740 or higher. just one third of americans are members of that elite club. if you're one, you already know that a good credit rating will nab you the lowest rates on a home or auto loan. but it also gets you access to some pretty good deals elsewhere too. credit cards have notoriously high rates, averaging more than 14%. but many credit card issuers seek out top credit score holders by offering
: for more on this possibility peter brooks joins us, a senior fellow for national security aeu nares at the heritage foundation. if they try it, peter how do we stop it? >> it's very difficult to detect something once it's been put in the body. about the best we can do i think is that there might be some sort of residue on their hands, or somewhere on their body that would allow a sniffing dog to detect it. once again it is very difficult. we do look for these sort of things with drug runners. they sometimes put things in the body cavity and try to move them through security checkpoints so there is certain ways that security personnel can look and try to look at individuals and see how they are acting, or what they are doing. but it's going to be very difficult, it's the newest innovation. they've tried underwear bombing at least twice, once over detroit in the airliner. they also tried to assassinate jon, the -p counterterrorism chief in saudi arabia in 2009 with an underwear bomb. it turns out it was actually an underwear bomber. it was tested once before it actually was used on an
. at the center of the ugly storm, rebecca brooks, editor of "news of the world" at the time and now runs the murdock newspaper "empire". >> it is absolutely disgusting. >> reporter: the stain of the scandal is seeping into the prime minister's office and there are now legal issues about paying the police for information. people have already gone to jail earlier in this story and' not over yet. >> mark phillips in london thank you. >>> as you just heard from mark the same tabloid already admitted breaking into the voice mail of a long list of celebrities including actor hugh grant who joins us from london. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it is public outrage as a result of the case with this missing little girl here. that's what it's going to take to take tabloids like "news of the world" to kind of clean up their act? >> is that what it's going to take, is that what you said? >> public outrage. like you mentioned it was all about celebrities before. now when you're bringing in missing kids is that what it's finally going to take to get something done here? >> i think that's righ
about what they did. >> reporter: at the center of the controversy is rebecca brooks, who hed headed up -- who headed up the tabloids. murdoch says she will continue to lead his company, despite calls for her resignation. the paper is already taking a hit. several companies have pulled their ads. in london, charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> and police have already begun to look into evidence the newspaper paid off officers in return for information. >> prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty for the army psychiatrist accused of gunning down more than a dozen people, at fort hood army base. kai is in the newsroom with more on the case against major nidal hasan. >> after several psychiatric evaluations, officials say he will be tried in a court. the 40-year-old has yet to enter a plea. to 13 counts of premeditated murder. he also faces 32 counts of attempted premeditated heard murder. during an evidentiary hear, ing -- hearing, witnesses say hassan shouted in arabic, "god is great" before he opened fire. his attorney has not said whether he will pursue an insan ist defense
of the controversy is rebecca brooks who headed up the tabloid for years and is now in charge of murdoch's british news corporation. murdoch said she will continue to lead his company, despite calls for her resignation. the paper is already taking a hit. several companies have pulled their ads. in london, charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> police have already begun to look into evidence that the newspaper paid off officers in return for information. >>> former boston mob boss, james whitey bulger pleads not guilty on 19 murder charges. bulger has been on the run for 16 years. the fbi arrested him in santa monica, california, where he had been listening with his girlfriend. the 81-year-old had been ordered held without bail. prosecutors say they expect a month-long trial with as many as 40 witnesses. >>> defense lawyers make another push to have sexual assault charges dropped against dominique strauss-kahn. attorneys for the former imf chief say they have had a productive meeting today. prosecutors disclosed they had uncovered credibility issues with the hotel maid who had accused strauss-kah
at the center of the controversy is rebecca brooks who headed up the tabloid newspaper for years and is now in charge of murdock's british news corporation. she says she will continue to lead the company despite for calls for her to resign. charlie d'agata, london. >> police are already begun to look into evidence that the newspaper paid officers in return for information. >>> coming up next. new at 5:30:00 p.m. casey anthony could be spending her last full day behind bars. we will talk about what's next for the florida mom acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. >>> president obama reconnects with young voters in his first twitter town hall. i'm danielle nottingham at the white house. i'll have that story coming up. >> the charge for first-degree murder. we the jury find the defendant knot guilty for count 1. so say we all. orange county, florida. >>> shocking the nation and dividing core spectators. tonight an alternate juror says he feels compassion for the young woman and hopes she will get assume help. russell says anthony can no longer live a life of dishonesty. he was not inv
they did. >> reporter: at the center of the controversy is rebecca brooks who headed up the controversy for years and is now in charge of murdoch's news corporation. murdoch said she will continue to lead the company, despite calls for her resignation. the company has already taken a hit. several companies have already pulled their ads. >> and police have already begun to look at evidence the newspaper paid off officers in return for information. >>> in tonight's wjz consumer watch, looks like bacon places will be hogging up more ever your budget. it is expected to reach $6 a pound in the coming weeks. the price increase couldn't come at a worse time as -- [ laughter ] >> we entering peak -- [ laughter ] season. >> i guess you grill that bacon, huh? >> tomatoes are coming in. blt's. >> there you go. okay. >> i like them year round myself. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. >>> they helped win the race to space. but now, they're losing their jobs. the final flight of the space shuttle means the end of a career for many nasa workers. from astro
thought. it's putting huge pressure on rebecca brooks, who edited the paper in 2002 and now runs the parent company, news international. in a statement to colleagues she denies knowing about phone hacking saying she's sickened by the allegations, adding if true, the devastating effect on milly dowler's family is unforgivable. her former boss has already been questioned by a powerful committee of politicians telling them phone hacking was the work of a lone rogue reporter. >> i believe he was the only person, but that investigation under the new editor continues. >> but the committee chairman has never been convinced. >> we set up a time. the claims that were made to us that this was the ak tiftds of one reporter and nobody else had any involvement. we said then we didn't believe that. >> news international executives have been summoned to a meeting with detectives here at scotland yard. the fundamental question remains. who knew about phone hacking and how long has it been going on? dan rivers, cnn, london. >> well, the decision to withdraw advertising revenue and advertising bus
columnist david brooks has said -- quote -- "a normal republican party would seize the opportunity to put the country on a sound fiscal footing." he calls it -- quote -- "the mother of no-brainers," but it is true as many have said that this republican party is not your grandfather's republican party. it is not even ronald reagan's republican party. this republican party is so far to the right that it cannot even see the center where ideologies converge and good governance begins. this republican party sees the process of governing as one-sided, their side and no other. today, those on the far right wave the constitution that established a form of government to protect us from tyranny, yet see any form of compromise as defeat, and the only clear victory is total surrender to their position. and so here we are, working to try to ensure that reason prevails. we have offered the largest spending cuts in a generation. asking that those cuts be accompanied by closing tax loopholes and ending tax giveaways and unreasonable subsidies to those who need them the least, but because almost every re
's where the problem is right now. >> and brooks' comment along with other republicans is that in exchange for increasing a few hundred million dollars in taxes, they could be getting trillions of dollars in cuts. the president is going to be hearing from people today. he's holding one of the twitter town hall meetings. i never know what to make of these things, tim. >> it's like the haiku of social media. the 5-7-5. only it's 140 characters. don't think it's going to be truncated answers by the president. he'll give his responses to questions that have been prescreened. so this is not a big sur pripri. but it's taking place today. one of them in the washington journal saying there was only about 36 questions submitted, but there was a glitch. there have been thousands of questions submitted. obviously not that many will be asked today. >> all right, tim. we look forward to it. good to see you. have a great show this morning. >>> check out this video from kansas. you see someone tossing a bottle out of a car. the fact is she's littering. that's bad enough. the same woman tossed her empty i
of forcible sodomy. he works at the chester brook academy in leesburg. police made the arrest after they got a tip from a parent back in march. >>> there is a warning about a potential terror plot that involves a new effort to get a bomb on a plane bound for america. u.s. officials have warned airlines about intercepted intelligence that shows foreign terrorists have talked about ways to plant a bomb inside a passenger. an official familiar with the intel told nbc news that the plot goes beyond concealing a bomb in a body cavity. this plan would involve surgically implanting a device. authorities say there is no indication the plan is moved beyond the talking stage. still, transportation security officials are warning travelers to expect a variety of additional screening measures on international flights bound for the u.s. >>> the army psychiatrist charged in that deadly ft. hood shooting will face the death penalty after he's tried by the military. major nadal hasan will be court martialed in texas at ft. hood. he's accused in that rampage that left 13 people dead in 2009. hasan was paralyz
refinance requests. >>> women like brooke shields have talked openly about their struggle with postpartum depression. about 15% of new moms struggle with it. dr. joshua weiner joins us now. first of all, what is postpartum depression and how do you recognize it from just the baby blues that a lot of people feel after having a baby. >> the baby blues are low mood, irritability. those occur in 50 to 80% of women. generally, those are more mild and resolve within two weeks. postpartum is really a full-blown depression that's occurring shortly after berth. sometimes generally within the first few months after birth. and really, what you're experiencing is all the symptoms you would experience if you were having a regular depression disorder. women are more likely to experience concentration problems, lots of anxiety, agitation, and they're also having appetite changes, energy changes. they're sometimes experiencing suicidal thoughts, feeling very hopeless, worthless. wherever somebody's having real significant mood changes, shortly after having had a baby, you need to be at least thinking abo
. darrell west heads the brookings institution's centers for governance studies and tech innovation. and cecilia kang is technology reporter for the 'washington post." she was at the white house for today's event. cecilia, i'll start with you because you were there. one clarification. the questions that were coming in, how were they picked and how much do we know about whether they were filtered for content or diversity of topic, et cetera? >> well, twitter did have the last say on what questions would be served up and asked to the president. but what they did is took pains to explain they had a search algorithm as well that searched for the most common and popular subjects and questions and they did that by searching what kinds of questions like john boehner's house representative john boehner's question, was retweeted and repeat sod many times, there's such a fertile discussion around his question. that made his question pop to the top of the list. so that's how they actually chose the questions. but ultimately twitter had the last say on what questions would ultimately be served
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